February 26

Why should you Choose Military Auto Sales?

If you are in the military, and you’re currently searching for an automobile that can be bought at a much cheaper price plus no taxes to be paid, then it’s important that you learn more about military auto sales. This is an exclusive vehicle-buying program that has been created by the military, and it also caters to the car-buying needs of military men who are serving outside the country.

As an Armed Forces member who is serving the military overseas, you’re eligible to buy any of the following gorgeous cars: Harley-Davidson, Lincoln, Ford, Ram, Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler and a lot more. These vehicles can even be purchased with special military discounts, consumer protection, and rebates that you can’t possibly get in any other car stores.

How does Military Auto Sales rank in terms of prices as well as overall value? Even if you compare the price that is being offered by the company, you’ll see that it’s still the lowest cost ever. You can save thousands on your purchase of a new vehicle. In addition, the company offers military-only protections and guarantees which you cannot obtain anywhere else.

These perks are currently being offered:

  • 100 percent price protection against factory increases; this guarantee immediately accrues the moment your order has been accepted.
  • special military rebates
  • Confidence that you will receive the most excellent deal available.

If you obtain a bona fide cheaper price on the same car with the same option for a similar delivery date coming from an authorized dealer, the company will be paying you the entire difference. A certain number of days will be given up to the date of delivery for you to file a claim. This is referred to as the Lowest Price Guarantee.

If you’re new when it comes to this type of buying process, how can you be certain that you’re making the finest choice? Military auto sales has been in this type of business for years, and its representatives are considered the most knowledgeable when it comes to this trade. These professional will help you understand each step of the buying process up to the time when the vehicle that you’ve selected will finally be delivered to your doors.

The Military Auto Sales program is built with buyers’ assurances which include rebates. In case of factory increase, you won’t have to worry about a single thing. So, what are you waiting for? If you’re a military personnel, this is your change to purchase a vehicle at the lowest possible price!

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February 26

Are you Eligible for a Military Auto Sales Deal?

If you’re a military personnel, you may be eligible for a military auto sales program. This particular program includes the following: exclusive military rebates, low price guarantee, on time delivery, all taxes paid purchase and a lot more.


New car purchases are specifically covered by an all-inclusive factory worldwide guaranty which usually lasts for 36,000 miles or a period of 3 years. In addition, Military auto sales likewise provides Owners’ Protection Plan which will give you sufficient piece of mind on your added coverage.

Is financing available?

If you are not yet sure about several financing options, you can simply coordinate with Military auto sales in order for you to learn more about these deals. Financing is available through this company. In fact, you can have many financing sources so you can easily find the most excellent deal right here on base. Whether it’s financing through credit unions, banks, manufacturer, or private individuals, make sure that you first communicate your needs with Military auto sales.

Life as a soldier is already difficult especially when you’re working away from home or sent overseas. It would really be to your advantage if you have a car which you can easily drive around. There are lots of places to see and different scenic views to experience so you won’t feel bored and lonely during the time when you are off-duty.

Another important thing about dealing with Military auto sales is that you’ll certainly have a stress free buying experience. The company representatives have been serving many military personnel for years, so they can help you out with the buying process. You should never have to feel stressed and haggled over this entire thing.

In fact, special orders are even available. It’s suggested that you immediately contact the company in order for you to get the automobile that you’ve always desired. You can even custom order your car so it will look exactly as you want it to. Military auto sales is connected with the manufacturer of these cars so you will certainly get all the perks and features that you seek.

If you are still wondering if you are eligible to take advantage of this deal or not, it’s best that you connect with Military car sales. This way, you’ll have an idea as to the benefits that you can obtain including the lowest price and no tax on your car purchase.


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February 26

Cheapest Price from the Best Military Auto Sales

Are you a military personnel who’s searching for the best and most affordable car? Why don’t you choose a vehicle from Military Auto Sales? The company provides 100 percent rebate protection. So, if you receive the manufacturer’s rebate on your purchase price, it’s already a guarantee that the rebate will never be decreased.

Additionally, if the rebate will increase from the moment the order was accepted until the time of delivery, you’ll obtain the benefit of earning a higher rebate. Another important thing about this deal is that you have the right to cancel the transaction even without incurring penalty. You may cancel the order and obtain full refund whenever your military order would change.

The delivery date is also guaranteed. The company assures that your car will be shipped on the exact date and location that has been agreed upon. One hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed is what the company offers its clients. Whenever you sign up for a car purchase that will be delivered overseas, the company guarantees that you will be satisfied. In case you’re not, the company will do everything to make things right.

Military auto sales abide by the Customer Assistance Programs and Bill of Rights for overseas purchase. Exchange New Car Sales program has created an exclusive consumer protection policy specifically for military customers who have been stationed abroad. Remember that this doesn’t replace the manufacturer’s limited warranty. This is still your first and foremost protection.

The Military auto sales program is one way of saying that while you’re assigned overseas, you can still enjoy the comfort of purchasing a new automobile that fits your lifestyle. In case there are repairs that will be required by the vehicle, the manufacturer’s warranty will protect you from this type of cost.

The following are some of the most common perks of this program:

  • Emergency payment plan
  • Delivery anywhere within the country or in many overseas duty stations
  • Financing assistance through community banks, credit unions or factory-direct programs
  • Worldwide factory warranty

What is the pricing policy that is provided by the Military Auto Sales program? The moment you place an order for a new car, you’re entitled to the following:

  • Lowest price guaranteed
  • No taxes on your purchase
  • Privileged Military Pricing
  • Guaranteed rebate and price protection
  • Military-only discount and factory rebate
  • Protection from hidden costs. The company provides full disclosure of any costs that are associated with the buying process.Military Auto Sales